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How Everything Works in the Webcam Business

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Your Choices
Have your own Cam Show or Amateur website or both!

It used to cost thousands of dollars to start a website and even more to stream a camshow. The companies we represent provide you with everything you need to get started including site hosting, infrastructure and payment processing. You don’t even have to know how to use html or any programming whatsoever. Everything is plug and play now. To have a cam show all you need is a decent computer, a webcam and an Internet connection. That’s it!

What we do
We want you to be successful and we’ve got your back

We work with the top 7 reputable cam companies that have the highest traffic and visibility and the best financial arrangements for the cam model. When you sign up through our site to a cam company or even more than one we begin to promote your Cam show through our network. But we are not the only ones promoting your show, each cam company has a large group of affiliate webmasters that are also promoting that webcam company. The one important thing to remember is traffic is king. Getting eyes on your cam show is the hardest thing for a newbie to do. That’s where we come in.

Our Company
Experienced Professionals in the Adult Entertainment Industry

I’m Ruff Davidson and I’ve been an adult webmaster since 1999. Back then I managed websites for over 50 girls and couples for a company called ProAdult. Long gone now. I sold that operation and started Voyeur Monkey Network in 2008 with my lovely wife Suzanne. I began promoting a variety of adult programs including commercial adult porn sites and more recently webcam sites. The trend in adult now is definitely in Cam shows and the major companies are all looking for cam models. That’s why we designed this site, to find you and show you how easy it is to make big money!

I know, I know, What’s the Catch?

Well, basically there is no catch. You don’t have to pay for anything except your own computer, Internet connection and a webcamera. Any content, pics, videos or cam shows remain your copyrighted material and you keep ownership of same. You don’t sign any of your rights away, you don’t have to sign any kind of contract and you have absolutely no obligations to any of the companies you do business with. You can simply walk away at any time.

A word of caution here. I earnestly recommend that you sign directly with the cam company itself and not a “studio”. A studio is set up by a webmaster that solicits models to work with him directly and not the the cam company. If you sign with a studio you will have that “middleman” between the cam company and your money. They will want your personal info and they will distribute your pay. And we all know how that goes. In some cases they will want a contract as well. We recommend you stay away from them as you don’t need them.

You set your own hours and do whatever kind of cam show you want as long as it is within their guidelines of terms and conditions. You can block your state from seeing your show if you don’t want friends and family to see it. You can go big and you can go small. It’s your choice.

When you join a cam or website company from this website, we get credit from the Cam company. That’s how we get paid. Let me also mention that the cam companies pay us to promote you as well. Your relationship is just between you and the cam company, no middleman, just you. They get you set up and running and they send your checks directly to you.

The same deal applies to our adult website company. You can sign up for a traditional adult website for free. You can post pics and videos and attract members that pay a monthly subscription fee. You can generate monthly income from a site like that, you can advertise your cam show and you can even sell videos. Visit Your Own Adult Paysite for information about a free adult website.

The financials for each company to provide you with a turn-key operation is a percentage of your income. Usually somewhere at 25% or so, it depends on the company. When I managed amateur websites the going rate was a 50/50 split so these terms are very generous considering they do just about everything for you.

When you check out the companies we recommend, they have all the information you need to make an informed decision. Be sure to take your time and compare. Visit the cam sites you are interested in and spend some time lurking just like a surfer. See how everything works, spend some money to see what the girls do and how they do it.

The same if you are interested in an amateur adult website. I used to tell girls I worked with to join a site that caught their eye to see what was going on inside the members area. Check out promo sites like VoyeurMonkey.com to see what kind of poses the girls are doing and just copy them. Be a creative thief!

Visit our F.A.Q. page for detailed answers to the popular and relevant questions about having your own webcam show.

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Live Jasmin | Chaturbate | Bonga Cams | CamSoda | Flirt4Free | X Love Cam | X Models